Ben Lohberger - Independent for Clark

Vote for strong action on UTAS, housing, GLENORCHY POOL,
drinking water

no to utas move into the cbd

invest in public housing

a new pool for glenorchy

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Who Am I?

I grew up in Hobart, I live in New Town, I work in Moonah, and I will put the people first, unlike the major parties.

I was educated at Campbell Street Primary School, Taroona High School, Hobart College and the University of Tasmania.

I work at Hobart City Mission, I live in New Town, and I'm also a Hobart City Councillor, elected in 2022.

I believe in a fair go for everyone, honesty, respect, and kindness.

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The university move

I am opposed to the UTAS plan to move its campus from Sandy Bay into the already congested city. We must stop the relocation and change the law to stop the campus sale, and I will move to do exactly that if I am elected.


Glenorchy needs a new pool but the Council can’t afford to build one or operate it. If I’m elected I will push for a new pool, paid for and operated by the state government.


The Liberals have neglected public housing for a decade. We need a long-term boost to public housing to help get more Tasmanians into homes, and that’s what I intend to do if I get the chance.

the stadium

I’ve always wanted a Tasmanian AFL team, but the Liberals’ weak negotiation skills have ruined the dream for me and many other Tasmanians. I cannot support a ruinous and unnecessary stadium while people in Hobart are living in tents and cars and friend’s sheds.


There are big problems coming for Hobart’s drinking water catchment but nobody is doing anything to fix them. We need a single agency to monitor water quality and protect Hobart’s drinking water.


I’ve met too many people who have missed medical appointments, interviews, and school pickups, because the bus didn’t turn up. I support more buses on the road, and more reliable services.

Commission of Inquiry response

The Liberal Government’s response to this report was a disgrace. All the recommendations must be prioritised and implemented. We also need to find out why the Commission of Inquiry was obstructed, and who obstructed it.

School Funding

The Liberals have failed our kids by under-funding public schools. We have the lowest school completion rates in the nation and it's getting worse under the Liberals. Public school kids need 100% of their agreed funding and not a cent less, and I intend to see that done if elected.

Support for the royal and ambulance services

The Royal Hobart Hospital and the ambulance service are being overwhelmed while the Liberals announce plan after plan, but do nothing to fix the real problems. We need to boost support for the emergency department and our ambulances to reduce waiting times in the emergency room and ramping in ambulances.

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